Agriturismo Cerreto - Pienza

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The Cerreto farmhouse is a traditional sharecropping house located along the ancient network of small roads laid out by the Olivetan monks.
As you make the short drive or half-hour walk FROM Pienza to our agriturismo, you follow the same path described by Pope Pius II (founder of Pienza, formerly known as Enea Silvio Piccolomini) in his ‘Commentarii’, after he went to Sant’Anna in Camprena during the second half of the XV century. The traditional Cerreto farmhouse, which seamlessly blends with the harmonious green landscape around it, was first built by local stonemasons in the XVIII and XIX centuries and is perfectly preserved.

Our agriturismo is perched on a hill in the middle of a natural oasis that leads out to the west where the Tuoma stream conceals the ruins of an ancient mill powered by a vertical hydraulic wheel. The Tombolone waterfall is home to a wide variety of wildlife and ancient, water-dwelling ‘divinities’. The area around our farmhouse was cleared FROM the thick forest by peasants over the last few centuries and is now richly cultivated.

Centuries-old olive trees and rows of grapevines alternate in fields cultivated according to traditional farming practices. The forest lies just beyond the agriturismo’s property, with paths that wind over the stream and through the surreal Crete landscape in the distance. This is the classic landscape of the Val d’Orcia, where the golden calcified rock and tree-covered hills rise up FROM the poetic solitude of the clay badlands of the valley floor.

Our guests can enjoy living in the traditional ways of our past, close to historical town centers yet far enough away FROM the bustle of modern life. The farmhouse is characterized by a simple, rustic style and is divided INTO separate units along with common spaces built around structural emblems of traditional farming life: the fireplace, kitchen hearth and loggiato. These elements are integrated with other features that combine traditional and modern comforts.
Our apartments accommodate 2 to 7 people each. The agriturismo’s maximum capacity is 22 guests. Cerreto is surrounded by small roads and paths that are ideal for walking or mountain bike rides that start right outside the farmhouse.


Proprietario (Italiano) Monica Baldelli

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